Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First Time Home Buyer Grants

Most people underestimate the amount of money they need to buy their new home, and first time home buyer grants can provide the free money individuals need for closing costs. Between down payment money, moving charges, title fees and outstanding debts with your current property, purchasing a new home is a big financial commitment. These grant programs can significantly reduce this financial burden and provide you with the cash you need to purchase a new home.

Firs time home buyer grants can be obtained by millions of eligible home buyers, yet most people are largely unaware that these programs exist. These grant programs are not loans. First time home buyer grants are additional funds that home buyers can obtain to pay the down payment on their loan or assist with closing costs. Depending on the particular grant you are approved for, the cash obtained may be able to cover your entire down payment.

Because grants are not loans, you will never be asked to repay this money. In most cases the terms state that you must own your home for at least three years, which prevents real estate investors from buying and quickly selling properties for a profit with free government money.

So who qualifies for first time home buyer grants?

These programs are offered by various government and private organizations, which means eligibility requirements vary from program to program. In most cases, however, a first time home buyer is classified as an individual who has not owned a home within the past three years. Obtaining these funds typically has nothing to do with your credit score or income, and because you never have to pay this money back, you do not need any kind of collateral or a co-signer.

Once you view the list of grants available in your area by using the links below, you'll be able to instantly apply for first time home buyer grants. Those who qualify can have cash in hand in as little as a week, saving yourself thousands of dollars in the purchase of your new home. If you have any plans to remodel your new home, you may qualify to receive free home improvement grants too. The money is available, but first you have to find out if you qualify to obtain it.
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