Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pallet Wood Projects For Eco Furniture

Many natural materials that we enjoy are not very sustainable. Wood is one example, while there are many sustainable forests that grow lumber for the building trade, when it comes to more exotic woods such as mahogany or teak, they are often plundered from forests.

And as the trees that make these beautiful woods take decades to grow, the wood becomes scarcer and items such as furniture that make use of these materials become increasingly expensive.

However, there are still methods of enjoying some of nature's most beautiful timber, crafted into furniture and furnishings without adding to the problems of sustainability.

Reclaimed timber

Reclaimed timber furniture is from wood that has come from a used source. Often this sort of wood has been standing in a building that has been demolished or has been rescued from objects such as boats or wine barrels.

Much of this reclaimed timber is used furniture as it allows a method of using some of the traditional woods that are so hard to come by now. Reclaimed timber furniture can be really decorative with materials such as reclaimed teak and mahogany producing some really nice furniture and furnishings.

Recycled Wood

There are other methods of recycling wood into furnishings and furniture as well. Drift wood and wood from such plentiful sources such as pallets can be used.

However, often these low grade woods are no good to be used as they are, as items such as pallets are manufactured using low grade wood. However, wood can be processed and turned into a moulded polymer which ca then be used to make all sorts of items from patio furniture to recycled wooden tables and chairs
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