Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hamsters Feeds

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Many people who want to keep hamsters ask, what is suitable to feed the hamster? We need to remember that hasmter derived from sub-tropical grassland areas. Thus, it can be guessed that the place of origin hamster eat grains. Only by giving one type of feed the hamster is not wise, because the hamster's nutritional needs would not be met. Here is the feed that is suitable for hamsters:

Peanuts contain lots of fat. Peanuts is important to make the hamster feel full. Fat will be stored for energy reserves. Giving peanuts should not be too much. It is important to avoid obesity in hamsters. In addition, excess fat can cause heart attacks.

Sunflower Seed 

Sunflower seeds are very well liked. Most people mengidentikan sunflower seeds as the only hamster food. Yet this is not true. Just give the hamster with sunflower seeds will cause the hamster experience malnutrition and obesity as sunflower seeds high in fat. As well as giving peanuts, sunflower seeds pemeberian should be limited. It is true that hamsters love sunflower seeds, but it would be wise if we are to control their appetite. Sunflower seeds can also be used to tame hamsters. By providing sunflower seeds using our hands, over time the hamster will get used to our hands and it gets easier to handle.

Soy beans are the seeds are rich in protein. The provision of good soybean given to hamsters in order to grow and develop properly. In addition, dried soy beans good for sharpening the teeth hamster as hard. Please note bahawa hasmter teeth continue to grow and need to be sharpened so that not too long.
Green Beans 

Green beans have lots of vitamins in it. Vitamins are absolutely necessary for the regulating substances in the body. Green beans are also good hard to hone hamster teeth.
Brown rice 

Brown rice contains many carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are needed as a source of energy to perform various activities. If hamsters lack of carbohydrates, energy needs will be taken from fat, so that over time the hamsters can become thin. Brown rice is also good for brain development.
Rice / Grain 

Grain like rice is a major source of carbohydrate. The provision of grain is enough to ensure energy needs will be met hamsters. In addition, the provision in the form of grain, make sure the hamster eating rice husk, which is rich in pro-vitamin D.

Concentrate is a mixture of different types of foods that are mixed by the manufacturer. Provision of concentrate is also important to meet the balanced nutritional needs. Provision of concentrate must be accompanied by adequate provision of drinking water because it usually concentrates cause thirst.

Carrots are one of the vegetables that are good for hamsters. Carrots contain substances that can prevent cancer. Carrots are given is a local carrots that are large and in fresh condition but is still young (not woody). Carrots are not recommended because it was allegedly imported contain preservatives and drugs to keep up appearances hamsters. The provision protects carrots are also good for eye health, particularly in hamsters albino / red-eyed. Hamster-known red-eyed hamsters are susceptible to cataracts. If the hamster cage contained a bottle to drink, eat enough carrots 1 slice of each. If not given a water bottle cage, giving carrots can also be used as a substitute for drinking water. For the Syrians hamsters were given three slices of carrots per cow per day. As for the hamster mini, just two slices of carrots per cow per day. For pregnant and lactating hamsters, need to give more. Replace drinking water with the carrot is actually not recommended because it can cause incontinence and continuous hamster cage smell becomes faster. This method may be applied to emergency conditions, eg drink bottles broken.
Tip: to maintain the quality of carrots in order not to rapid decay, select the carrots are large and smooth. Do not wash the carrots. cut both ends of the carrots before storage. Both ends of the carrot is the first point of decay. Store in tight containers (such as jars), and enter it in the refrigerator. Carrots will not lose its quality.
Bean sprouts 

Bean sprouts are the sprouts of green. Given quite a bit of bean sprouts every day. Sprouts contain a lot of vitamin K is good for preserving fertility hamster.

All living things need water. So are hamsters. Although hamsters originate from regions of minimal water meadow, still, hamsters need water. Water can be provided in the hamster drinking bottle that can be purchased in the market. In the emergency needs, water can be replaced with carrots. Water demand will increase dramatically during hamster pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

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