Monday, June 20, 2011

The pattern of China's pet food market

Currently, China's pet food market is the kind of situation then we take the dogs and cats, for example, you follow the author to see a simple market analysis.?

Pet food in the market today can be divided into the following categories:

Pet staple food (cat food, dog food);

Pet snacks (dogs and cats cans, packages, fresh meat, meat, etc.);

Pet nutrition health products (dogs and cats of calcium, vitamins, proteins and other nutrients).

Pet goods in China after about 1 0 years of development, Chinese cities pet owners spend a pet growing consumer awareness, consumption of which is the biggest dog food cat food, cat food dog food is second only to pet food, pet nutrition and health care products is growing at an alarming rate to be recognized by most pet owners, the shape of the three mainstream Chinese goods are now pet food consumers.

Dog food cat pet food market is now China's main foreign food giants occupy the three U. S. Mars (pet food first in China to promote a U.S. private food companies, brands Pedigree, Usergroups, Yiwei); Nestle Purina (Nestle's acquisition of pet food currently sold in the Chinese market, the brand has the highest energy, health and more music, hi jump, Jennifer Hi, beautiful music and more); reputation of the European pet food (Mars U.S. foreign-owned a French company, the brand for the Royal French). In recent years, with the inclusion of Nestle Purina, Mars in pet hospitals, pet specialty channel market share for the most part, but the strong Martian channels still remain strong supermarket stores Po Ka Wai growth, but Mars Nestle Purina professional in erosion channels at the same time, the store has followed Mars supermarket channel, and a very short time achieved remarkable results, European reputation responsibility at all costs, to focus more on long-term brand construction, making the brand Royal Canin pet owners always give people feelings of one of the most professional, the product of single A3 French royal dog food has become the fastest growing in the performance of one product. All three foreign companies accounted for the pet food market is currently China's most market share.

In addition to the three foreign animal food companies, has also met many purely foreign imported high-end consumer brand, Procter & Gamble Ai Musi, Eukanuba, Hills Colgate, and snow-capped mountains, natural resources, mining and other foreign brands Ling Of course there are merchants China introduced from Brazil, Australia and other major agricultural brands, today is a noble general, Brazil, Tao Tao, the main agricultural products to foreign products more expensive than European import prices should be lower, so that occupies part of the domestic high-end market share .

After the foreign brands, let us look back to see domestic brands. China's largest pet food company is a good pet food company owner (the company that registered Tong Wei Group Inc.), followed by recognition from the standpoint of products, namely, Norrish pet food (from Shanghai, a young company, brand Norrish, Biruiji, Rasa Good, fruit quality, etc.), Tianjin Jin Combo pet food (which is located in Tianjin export processing enterprises, especially in brand-based assets), followed by several regional markets brands, brands, especially in Beijing, Hebei, Shandong regional territory, technology and company personnel are mainly from institutions associated with domestic agricultural higher education. Face of strong foreign brands, domestic brands of pet owners how to get more recognition, I believe that it might take, how to reduce the duration is shorter, I think what we need technology and strong marketing skills to achieve. For example, a good owner Tongwei can be said that in the domestic market has been doing for years, but a good host is not a very good market performance, mainly because of marketing in product definition, positioning, market work. I once saw in a pet store as a promotion, a red banner hanging on the walls of these pets, reminds me of the Ministry of Rural hang banners feed wholesale "Dabeinong ... ..., CP ..., Huadu .... .. hope .... "Although the food of animal feed, poultry and fish, but different pig feed. Consumers really chicken feed chicken, but the money to buy feed to farmers, so the farmer is the pursuit of profit, of course, not high-end consumers, farmers pay more attention to quality and price. Pet is different is that it lives in urban households, the consumer is the real dog food cat food cats and dogs, but the money to buy pet food that pet owners, so pet owners do not pursue profit, pet owners pay more attention to quality , the brand does not focus on price, so they are high-end consumers. The higher accuracy of consumer psychology, the product will be more accepted by consumers.

So I believe that pet food as we drink, with everyday needs, we need a way to sell consumer goods to move quickly to sell pet food.

Located in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Shandong coastal pet snacks are also many companies now have foreign pet snacks businesses interested in learning the Chinese market, pet snacks also have to maintain a rapid growth rate. Currently the domestic market on the one hand there is an old pet snacks brands Pedigree, Usergroups, but also mischievous pets in Yantai, Qingdao, there are Japanese companies ina gold treasure rice, etc. The company, relies on overseas markets OEM, ODM, others On the one hand the domestic market also started to expand the brand, but most of the agents in different cities, and do not press the extent of the potential depth of the channel, is still huge room for growth.

Pet nutrition and health care products that rapid sales growth, market, especially calcium, protein, vitamins and several major categories as the main sales categories, new product features consumers need some time to receive the brand overseas, especially in the perfect, Taiwan Haimix, brand Other domestic Imber.

I believe that domestic companies now need to maintain business operations costs while improving product quality, the art of marketing, brand, accelerate the pace of development, the only way China's own brand of pet food have a better future!

Zhou Jianfeng, FMCG marketing plan, a global independent research institute, U. S. Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) group member panel of industry experts, U. S. former Chinese company Mars (Mars is one of the world's largest food company, the world's largest chocolate confectionery and pet food companies), has served in Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Group, the Mongolian sheep from Australia Limon (Inner Mongolia) Meat Industry Co., Ltd., the United States pet supplies, pet food Imber, Tianjin Bronte Group and other companies.

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