Monday, June 13, 2011

Mini Groomer Kit for Small Animals

Options is a full range of high quality grooming products for all small animals. The range comprises of a full selection of brushes, combs, and manicure products. All these products have a distinctive comfort grip allowing the groomer comfort and ease whilst grooming their pet. The range is suitable for all groomers with tips and recommendations for grooming on the unique informative packaging. Features: - Removes dead matted hair for a healthier coat. - Helps produce a healthy, glossy coat. - Comfort grip handle. - Grooming removes dead and matted hair as well as dirt, debris and dust improving the coats appearance and health. - Brushing helps to stimulate the skin and distribute natural oilds to create a healthier, shinier coat. - Its an ideal way to bond with your pet. Many animals use grooming to reinforce bonds. - Ideal for all small animals Contents: - Mini soft brush. - Mini Slicker Brush. - Mini double-sided comb. Shop here

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