Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Maintain Existing Old Cat

Caring for Old Cats

That the older cat will usually be more stressful. But you can really reduce the stress level of the cat in the following ways. How do I mean here simply caring for cats only suggestions:• Place the bag (it would be better a blanket) in the cat's favorite bed. Create a better place than the standard care for cats.• Cats that are old do not usually like to eat, because swelling of the gums and tooth decay. You can warm the food before serving.• Cats get older will more often sleep. Do not give him too much food. Because if too much food and sleep can make obesity. Give your diet. Consult your doctor for a diet of this cat.• Most importantly take the cat to be checked regularly kesehatannya.Pemeriksaan which usually needs to be done is to teeth, gums and blood. Then do vaksinisasi further.• Do not leave the cat alone. If you must leave the rental or send someone to look afterLives of living things depends on who mencabutnya.Tapi we as humans still have to try to save the cat by way of caring for the cat. There should also you find a replacement for the cat before the cat is now dead. But do not ignore the old cat.

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