Monday, January 3, 2011

Feet and Cats Nails

Generally, all the cats will keep and care for his nails well, that is by climbing and clawing or scratching her nails on garukkan objects such as tree trunks, posts and home furnishings.

Habits of cat who likes to climb and scratch or claw nails are not only useful to help sharpen his nails, but this habit is also considered as another form of cat communication. The reason, namely that the former nail or claw scratches from these cats leave scent glands on the cat's leg and this can serve as a clear indication that the earlier a cat has visited or been in that place.

And for you cat owners, you should probably provide a climbing poles in the house with the intent to prevent your pet to climb or scratch nails or sharp claws on the curtains (curtains windows of your house) and furnishing your home.

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