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Cat Nail Trims Guide

Anatomy of cat nail


Cats have a unique nail. Unlike dogs, cats nails can be pulled out and into.  Under normal circumstances cats nails are interested in and hidden. When the cat is angry or scratch, then the nails removed. Humans who have a network of flesh under the nail. In English, this network is called "quick".  Cats also have this network, located only slightly different from humans.  This network is pink, in contrast with the color white transparent nail.
Limit Cut Nails
Limit Cuts Nails
The location and boundaries of these networks need to be taken to ensure that meat is not cut when cutting the nails cat. When cut, it would appear the blood from the injured tissue and the cat will feel pain.

Equipment & materials
Nail clippers are the main tool needed if you want to cut the nails. Many models and types of special nail clippers pet sold in pet shops, pet shops.  Nail clippers are often used daily to cut the nails can also be used. Make sure the nail clippers to be used is really sharp. Because if less sharp, the piece is less good cat nails, sometimes even be broken nails.
Next could also be provided silver nitrate powder or PK (read: sensitive) / Potassium permanganat/KMnO4. Powder PK red-purple, can be purchased at pharmacies.  PK and silver nitrate powder is useful to accelerate the stopping of bleeding when the "quick" cut.
Filings in the above can be sown / affixed to the nail of the wounded, so that bleeding stops immediately. If the filings are not available, bleeding of the nail can be reduced by pressing the area around the nail. Normally the bleeding will stop within approximately 5 minutes.
  guillotine type

scissor type

human nail clippers
How to hold a cat

There is no definitive benchmark on how to hold the cat while cutting his nails. Most importantly cat feel comfortable and minimize the movement of cats. It is also worth noting the reaction cat bite or scratch, you should position our hands when holding a little cat feet away from the reach of the mouth of a cat. Can also hold the cat with the help of others, so that cats are easier to control.

how to hold a cat at the time of cutting nails

how to hold a cat at the time of cutting nails

cut nails with the help of others
Cutting nails

1. tap your feet to nail the cat appeared

pressing the soles of the feet for nail appear
2. Note the boundary with the flesh beneath the nail (quick). Cut the nails with a distance of about 1 mm from the quick. If too close, will be sore.
Noteworthy is the position with a nail clipper.  Each different way of cutting tools used. The principle is the nail is cut from bottom to top (vertical), not from the side. Possible broken nail will be even greater if the cut from the side.

how to hold scissors guillotine type

cut nails with a guillotine

cut with scissors type

cut with ordinary scissors
3. cut nails one by one carefully.
4. Do not forget to cut nails "thumb". Nails located closer wrist. Nails "thumb" most often used to scratch, so usually longer than the other nails. In some cases rarely cut his nails, nail "thumb" is growing in a circle and pierced feet.

nail "thumb" do not forget to cut
5. Normally front foot has 5 nails and 4 nails on the hind legs. Some cats have an excessive amount of finger-called polidactyl. Cats can polidactyl has 6 fingers on the front foot.
6. Cut your nails with a little distance away from the quick (+ 1 mm). Better to cut the nail a little bit but more frequently performed (1 or 2 weeks). From the rare, but once cut, nails cut very short until the close quick.

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