Friday, December 3, 2010

Routine Maintenance

Your involvement in paying attention to much-needed care for Dogs Dogs are always healthy and happy. Routine maintenance daily, monthly, even once a year should always get more attention for mental and physical well maintained pet dog., Among others are:

Providing proper nutrition
Train Dogs
Monitoring behavior, body, and appearance Dogs
Provide activities that stimulate physical and mental
Set the vaccination schedule
Overseeing the growth of parasites that interfere with

Body condition
Pet dog would have suffered if they get overweight if they are not getting enough exercise in relation to the food they receive daily. Being overweight can give serious adverse effects can even shorten the life of dogs. To avoid that pet dogs are not overweight, you should always discuss or ask the breeder or veterinarian.

Urine and feces
It is important to note whether the dog's pet in good health or not:

Looks anxious when urinating or defecating
Throw dirt at places that are not normally, such as in a house but normally never defecate in the house
There was blood in the stools
There are worms in feces
Any deviation from the usual thing to do when dog waste water must always be monitored. If things like this lasts more than a day, already you should go to the vet.

Public Behavior
If your pet dog knows well, so there is a change in her behavior, you immediately realize it. When the dog suddenly looks like a depressed and remain silent while usually always active and cheerful, it signifies that the dog was in poor condition. Do not forget to make a small note about the symptoms is not good on the Dogs for yourself when you take him to the vet can know what pain he suffered.

You should always keep the rules of what is allowed and what is not on your pet dog in a daily workout. Make sure you always give good command voice or gestures are the same for dogs easily understand it. Notify also to other family members or guests who come to obey the rules that you have created.

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