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How Dispensing In Dogs

How Dispensing In Dogs

Administration of drugs on your pet dog surely you will ever make in a lifetime. Dogs that do not require the administration of drugs sakitpun namely vitamins or worm medicine that should be given regularly for 3 months.

It's easy to give medication if the dog has a high sangt appetite. You can just put the drug with food or eating places even like he was providing snacks (snacks) just a dog to easily swallow drugs without chewing.

Dogs who have a low appetite often refuse medication that we give even though they were feeling for a dog like him. Here is discussed tips and tricks How did give the drug with ease: mixed with food, pill-shaped drug delivery by force, and administration of drugs in the form of syrup or liquid with force by type of drug tablets.

Mixing Drugs In Food

If dogs have a high appetite destroying pills you live or stirring the syrup on his food. For dogs that lower appetite, you can insert a pill in the meat raw or cooked, break up pills into several parts if the size is too big or pills to ease administration. For drug delivery berbentu syrup / liquid should be mixed with foods that have a pungent smell like canned dog food or you can create your own burger with meat mixture, ham or sausage for medicinal smell does not smell. If a sense of bitter medicine, you can give a little extra sugar or honey.

A. Put the pill in place to eat dogs. The conditions under which eating should be in the dry state.

B. Using a spoon, crush the pill to a fine powder.

C. Mix the powder with water to dissolve the drug.

D. Stir until blended foods.

Dispensing Pills In Force

If the above inconvenient or not managed in the form of pill medication should be given by force like the photo below:

1. Hold the dog's mouth with both hands, left hand holds the top while holding the bottom right hand while holding the medication to be given. Insert a finger between the jaws of a dog to make it easier to open a dog's mouth.

2. Press the center of the upper jaw, pulling upward.

3. Insert your thumb into the mouth and position it in the jaw while menahn for the mouth is open.

4. You also can put a thumb between canines and molars to hold the dog's mouth to keep it open.

5. Enter the pill gets most of the dog's mouth near the throat by way of throwing.

6. If the way number 5 does not work, you can put the pill near the esophagus by means include it with your hands. Place the pill near the esophagus and above the tongue. After the drug immediately put in place the right dog to shut up like the picture number 1 and hold for a while until the dog out her tongue a few times. If the dog has issued a tongue means the drug has been ingested. Immediately give a drink or snack and watch a few moments after removing the handle, if the drug does not swallow or spit then repeat the above. Do not forget to praise and caress the dog so the dog is finished taking medication for stress and happy dog is not given the drug.

Dispensing Syrup / Liquid In Force

If the bitter medicine should be mixed with honey, sugar or artificial sweetener for dogs like the taste and make it easier to swallow. According to Ward drh.Agus from Surabaya, the syrup form of medication should be diluted in advance in order to more easily swallowed by the dog.

1. To facilitate the administration of drugs in liquid form should you use an injection needle marks which had been removed. Do not forget to wash first with soap and make sure it is clean syringes. Use syringes vaccinations or you can request a syringe Beks animal didokter your subscription. If you do not have a syringe, you can use a pipette that allow you to shop OBT or pharmacy.

2. Keep the dog's mouth is closed, input your left hand thumb at the rear section of the jaw.

3. Slide the syringe or pipette containing the drug. Remember, the input drug slowly as if in a hurry or fast can cause a dog choking. Automatically when the drug dog will lick entered slowly, for drugs that have a sweet taste dogs will be more pleased.

Once completed, give snacks that he likes and praise once completed give drugs for drug delivery into a pleasant thing for him.


Get used to open a dog's mouth since the earliest possible age for a dog accustomed to and not difficult if you want to be given medication by force ..
Select the medicines made specifically for dogs because it has a flavor that is sure liked by dogs.

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