Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What are the Things to Put inside Rabbit Cages?

By Chris

When you have a rabbit as a pet for the first time, it is a wonderful thing. You will find yourself smiling happily when it runs around and you could play with it. However, in the course of keeping it, you can be sure to end up with rabbit cages as its place to dwell. Other than that, you need to buy several things to put inside the cage to ensure the safety and comfort of your little furry pet.

The bedding in the rabbit cages should be considered as an important factor in giving your pet a happy place to stay. If it is too hard, the rabbit will not be happy to stay in it. Moreover its health is affected by the bedding you provided. Floorings materials like absorbent papers and wood shavings should be laid out for the comfort of your pet. These materials are not only serves as a cosy thing for the rabbit to rest and sleep on but it also acts to soak up urine and other waste from the small mammal. You could also find it easier to clean up whenever needed. The rabbit will be cleaner when the urine is not all over its body and furs. This thus decreases the chance of it contracting disease and ensures health. When your pet is healthy, you will have fewer problems to deal with and could enjoy the company of it and so will it.

Apart from that, you should not forget the essential of the water bottle and food dish to be included in the rabbit cages. Without it, your pet will starve to death when you leave it inside the cage. The water bottle should be tied and assembled according to instructions. It should be easily accessible by your pet. If you position the bottle too high or too low, it may find it difficult to reach. Get the right and normal position of your pet and attach according to that height.

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