Thursday, November 18, 2010

Understanding the Best Rabbit Food

By Mark Andrew Wood Cock

Photo by maggotsapple

If you have recently taken possession of a cute little bunny then you will need to make sure you get hold of a supply of the right rabbit food. There are actually a range of options available from pet stores, this does not make the task any easier. The following information should give you a better understanding of exactly what you should be giving to your new pet.

A wise choice for a young rabbit would be alfalfa hay. This would provide them with a good dose of carbohydrate and calcium. The looser the strands the better amount of digestion that can take place.

All rabbits enjoy eating fresh green vegetables. This is a primary ingredient in their natural diet. Try to vary the selection on different days. A good choice would be such products as broccoli, spinach, celery, lettuce, and even garden grass. Keep an eye on their toilet movements to ensure that the vegetables do not cause any diarrhoea or similar problems.

There is nothing wrong with giving your rabbit the occasional piece of fruit but too much can make them unwell and even cause tooth decay. If you want to give fruit then choose varieties that can be chewed easily.

Most pet stores sell specialist rabbit pellets that are a great way to make sure they are having the right balance of nutrition. With a young rabbit understand exactly the correct amount as you would not want them to get obese.

You should not overlook the importance of water. Be certain that the rabbit has access to clean and fresh water each day. Do not let the liquid become stale or contaminated by food.

Owning a rabbit can provide much pleasure and enjoyment. It is important to return the favor by ensuring they have an adequate and healthy diet at all times.

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