Monday, November 29, 2010

Tips on How to Select a dogfood

1. Protein content:

Try to select a dog food that has a protein content of less than 30%. In tropical countries like Indonesia, dogs do not need high protein. Excess protein will lead to itching, like a crooked leg bone calcium deficiency, kidney stones, etc..

2. Lipid content:

Fat content of most good for the dogs in our country ranges from 12% - 20%. For dogs that digestion is not good, like diarrhea should choose low-fat dog food is.

3. Do not be affected by the excessive promotion of dogfood with famous brands. Because is not necessarily suitable

4. Select a dog food that is still a long expiration date.

5. About 2-week trial period, if within 2 weeks of no visible means interference dogfood matches.

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