Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tips on how to care for kittens

How to care for kittens, kittens after birth should be natural foods (milk) within 10-20 minutes. Do not forget to also feed the mother cat food and drinking water when he was nursing their child.

Kitten can eat solid foods at the age of two to three weeks. Set aside money to give them commercial food as well as special commercial kitten milk. Within growing like avoiding to give cow's milk or goat's milk because it still can not be digested properly because they contain lactose.

One issue is the nature of cats cat owners who always defecate carelessly. To anticipate this early on then provide two fruit trays to replace the dirt and replace the trays regularly during the day. By nature the kitten would throw dirt there at the age of three to four weeks.

Cats for parent-child nursing cat should or may be given de-worming every month. And for his own kittens should be given de-worming every two weeks. Starting at the age of two weeks to three months old.

Your kitten can be weaned from the age of eight weeks. At this stage the mother cat will not always be with her son to be given solid food.

So that later the cat does not act aggressive with humans. So the kitten must make contact to humans at the age of at least two to seven weeks.

So that cats do not bother you, Give a lot of new stimuli that are not threatening course. Let's say the sounds as well as meet with other animals.

Do not forget to find out the nature of kittens, so you can guess his mood

* If daughters cat eyes half closed and then turned aside a little ear it signifies being comfortable kitten
* If the pupil dilated eyes that means being surprised
* If the direct kitten ears and eyes wide open, that means kitten wants to play
* If Looking up and moving his head back, it probably means someone is being approached too close
* If you're directing your ear, turning it into the rear and also shrink the pupil of the eye. Beware! Kittens are ANGRY.

Hopefully assist you in caring for your kitten.

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