Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome to "Charlie" and "Rexel" rabbits

Sunday 11/4/10 we welcomed two wonderful new rabbits to The Rabbit Sanctuary.  Great friends and living in a rabbit 'castle' they arrived with their loving owners who had moved up to Queensland from down south and then found out they couldn't keep their beloved pets due to archaic QLD laws.  Their rabbit 'castle' was too big to put in the small car so they dismantled it and then reassembled it on site at the Sanctuary.  It was a great kindness to the rabbits as they felt quite at home in their new surroundings from their familiar 'castle'.  They even brought with them their little play teddy.

Charlie is a rabbit that knows her (yes she is a she!) own mind in an agouti fur coat!  Rexel is soft and gentle soft grey otter colour with a loving nature but full of mischief.

Currently in their castle in the quarantine area responding well to the rabbit slaves that are continually passing and attending to their every need!  Soon they will head for the big rabbit run as desexed females they will be gradually integrated and fit in well.

A big welcome to Charlie and Rexel to their new home in the Australian Bush where time doesn't run out for rabbits... 

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