Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Praise for Saule & friends helping rabbits under Harbour Bridge in Sydney

Our praise and encouragement to Saule and her mother and to Diane and husband Wilfried who are helping to save rabbits that have been dumped in "Dave's Park" under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

If you would like to help please contact Saule on 0405 005 332.  They need cages and a bird net or fishing net. 

These wonderful people have hire dog cages and are sitting in wait from 10pm to 12 pm nightly coaxing rabbits into the crates with carrots etc. 

We need to educate the public not to dump rabbits in parks or bush.  Recently the government rangers set poison baits in the park killing hundreds of rabbits.  These are the last survivors and are being attacked by dogs with bodies found constantly.

If you live in Sydney and can help in any way at all please call Saule on 0405 005 332.  Please cross post this on any forum.

Thank you.

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