Friday, June 20, 2014

Eyeshadow makeup tutorial

Eyeshadow makeup tutorial can be a hobby for those who are at home, not only can you give the eyeshadow you make, away as gifts, but you can also make custom eyeshadow colours to suit yourself. It is not a hard job making eyeshadow but you will need a few essential ingredients to start. These ingredients are natural and healthy so they are great for your skin, as opposed to some eyeshadow brands that contain harsh chemicals.


1. Mini grinder or small plastic bag (for mixing) 2. You will need a selection of different colour mica's 3. You will need a powder binder (to bind ingredients together)

Instructions: On How To Make Eyeshadow:

1. Use a mini-grinder or a plastic bag to mix together the different coloured mica's, use small amounts to start with, mixing silver or golds together with purple or blue colours. Experiment by grinding and mixing different shades together to get the shade of eyeshadow you like. When you have decided on the shade you like mix larger amounts.

2. Look out for any streaks of colour and if you see any mix the minerals for a bit longer, pour the ground minerals into a bowl after they have been mixed evenly.

3. Spray a powder binder on the minerals in the bowl.

4. Scoop the minerals out of the bowl and put in an eyeshadow container, then use a spoon to pack all the minerals down into the container.

5. If you wish you can carve a design or your initials into the minerals with a toothpick.

6. Allow the minerals to dry completely for some time. (Check it every couple days)


Create custom eyeshadow colours for your friends and family members to give them that special gift on those special occasions
Try to duplicate your store bought eyeshadow shades.

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