Saturday, March 24, 2012

Orange Rabbit for Adoption

Today we are offering a beautiful orange female rabbit for adoption to a good home.  Her name is "Teddy".  She is desexed, vaccinated, wormed and has mite protection.  There is a lot of added value here that you won't get if you buy a rabbit for sale from any other place.  Phone 0416 062 947 if you are interested in more information on adopting "Teddy" rabbit or any other of our rescued rabbits.

Please read our rabbit care page and feel welcome to phone us to ask about how to care for your new rabbit.  We recommend keeping your rabbit as part of your family.   Pet enclosures can be purchased quite cheaply.  Your rescue rabbit will never become a forgotten pet if you set him or her up in a pet enclosure with a rabbit kennel, food and water dishes, a litter tray with cat litter in it, some rabbit toys in an area of your home that is most used by yourself and your family.

If your rabbit is in your home then you and your children will interact with the rabbit thus encouraging him or her to interact with you.  If you work then it is best to adopt two rabbits so that they keep each other company when you are not there.  Rabbits get lonely just like we do.

The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary is located at Rushforth near South Grafton in Northern New South Wales, Australia.  Adopted rabbits can be delivered to your door by pet transport.  Photos can be sent to you via email.  Our pet rescue rabbits are transported to you by air conditioned van or by air depending on your location.

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