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Buying Rabbit Hutches Online

Owning a pet rabbit can bring so much joy to the person or family that owns it. Providing a warm comfortable home for your rabbit is very important, as this is one of the main purchases you will make when buying accessories for your pet. Rabbit hutches come in all shapes and sizes and this can make it difficult to choose the right rabbit hutch for your pet rabbit. This articles aim is to provide you with some information so as to make it easier to choose from the variety of rabbit hutches that there is to choose from online.
Rabbits tend to prefer being kept out of doors as their bodies are better able to regulate themselves in outdoor temperatures as opposed to the high temperatures experienced indoors. They do need to be protected against extreme conditions though and buying the right rabbit hutch can provide a well ventilated and cosy home while at the same time protecting your pet.
Your rabbit will need plenty of room to move around inside its new home. Therefore buying a rabbit hutch with an attached run can save you money as often this is cheaper than buying a hutch with a separate rabbit run. As rabbits are very physically active they will enjoy as much space as you are able to give them.
Look for a good place in your garden in which you will be able to put your rabbit hutch. Somewhere that is not damp and gets the sun some of the day is an ideal spot. If it is in a place that is protected from the wind and rain even better! Most hutches come with a protective, weather proof and animal friendly wood preservative already applied but it is a good idea to keep this properly maintained. Most also have a durable weather proof roof on also.
Hutches come in various sizes. If you are planning on having more than one rabbit then sourcing a bigger hutch is obviously a better idea. Rabbits that have become used to being on their own for a long period of time usually do not like to be placed with another rabbit. So if you are planning on having more than one it is best to either buy them together when they are young or monitor how the rabbits get on stepping in if needed.
Many online shops will deliver your rabbit hutch as part of your purchase. They normally come flat packed but are reasonably easy to assemble. This can be a fun activity to share with your children if it is a family pet.
A point to remember is that rabbits breed. You may think that this statement is pretty obvious but if you put a daddy rabbit and a mummy rabbit together you may find you have not bought a big enough hutch.
Another consideration is that you will need to choose a hutch that is easy to clean as keeping a rabbits surroundings properly clean will ensure you have a healthy pet. Some choose to put a plastic tray inside the hutch to help keep it clean.
Choosing the right rabbit hutch need not be a chore. Many online pet shops that sell rabbit hutches will be pleased to give you any advice you may need.
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