Thursday, November 24, 2011

Funtastic Tales

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Hello! My name is Fun London. I have many interests and activities but wherever life takes me, I insist on one important ingredient̢ۥfun. I love to have fun which is how I got my name. One way I share my fun with others is through writing. I like to write stories that are fun, that have action, that entertain, that make us laugh and remind us that life can be an adventure. In this book you will find three of my favorite tales.
The Dog Prince is a classic fairy tale in which you'll travel back in time to the land of Brink where a dog becomes the prince of an entire country.
The Wonderkind is a fanciful tale about a boy who falls overboard and finds himself in the amazing world of an ancient race living beneath the surface of the earth.
In Lost in the Woods you will meet Jack, a boy whose tragic life desperately needs a little magic. Jack gets some unexpected help from Allen, a talking squirrel who leads him on an adventure in the woods.
Although my sto! ries are often read by young people, many adults find them entertaining too. They are written for the children in us all.
It is with great pleasure that I present these tales to you.

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