Friday, November 18, 2011

ASPCA Pet Insurance

One of the reasons why the ASPCA Pet Insurance became the largest pet insurance company with a very wide area coverage is due to the ASPCA Pet Insurance has been operating for over 140 years and they are willing to pay a claim no matter what the condition of incoming pets. That's why the ASPCA Pet insurance is the best choice for your pet.

The unique thing about the ASPCA pet insurance is that they have their written policies, especially for dogs. However, they will help all kinds of animals that need help. While most companies will not cover if your pet has swollen poison, ASPCA pet insurance will cover it as well.

Four Levels ASPCA Pet Insurance

ASPCA offers four different levels of insurance to choose from. Level one is for basic accident coverage. Injuries that occur from a variety of accidents and surgical procedures related to the accident included in this category. This is not for illness or preventive care.

Level two is for accidents and illness. However, this does not include health care from the list.

The third level is for accidents, illnesses and routine maintenance base for your pet.

Finally, level four is a comprehensive treatment that includes accident, illness, and health care, including immunizations, dental care, heart worm preventative and routine maintenance.

ASPCA Pet Insurance Covers Lot

With one level of coverage, the insurance company will get the following procedures include: treatment for injuries, diagnostic procedures, laboratory tests, x-rays, surgery and hospitalization. With two levels will be covered the following: treatment for the disease, prescription drugs, lab tests, surgery and hospitalization.

Level three includes spaying, rabies vaccine, corona virus vaccine, annual physical exam, distemper vaccine and test the dog and cat feces. Finally, level four will provide all the coverage, including dental care, heart worm preventives, Lyme vaccine and leukemia vaccines.

ASPCA has a one hundred dollar policy Deductible for all four policies. They also will allow him to choose his own insurance company veterinarian. No other company is allowed. The Company will pay for direct costs, and insurance companies will be reimbursed eighty percent of all the cost of coverage later.

ASPCA Pet Insurance is widely available

This pet insurance is found in all fifty states in the United States and Canada. Thus, the ASPCA pet insurance is a way to secure your pet's life. is a program of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals aims to reduce animal suffering. Pet insurance is very important to prevent animal cruelty.

Plus, this is one of the best pet insurance plan because it is one of the few companies that accept animals with pre-existing conditions. With the ASPCA pet insurance, pet health is as important to human health. In addition, they offer premium and chronic health conditions such as support for many other insurance companies.

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