Monday, September 19, 2011

Why Has my Pet Rabbit has Gone From Nice to Nasty?

By: Nathalie Veilleux

Why has my pet rabbit has gone from nice to nasty? If you are experiencing this problem, there are several reasons why this might be happening. Lets go over the most common ones and see if that could help you solve it.

Your rabbit has not been spayed or neutered

If you adopted a baby rabbit,you will soon find out that by the time he get the age of 3 to 5 months old,by means teenagers,there are good chances that you see a big change in his personality.What is happening is the rabbit is getting to the age of reproduction and his under a big hormonal change.

So he might starts to resist being picked up and get territorial.Avoid touching his stuff in his cage when he is inside or you will provoke him.If you have to pick up your rabbit to put him in and out of his cage, it is time to make him a side door and teach him to go in and out by himself.Putting a nice treat inside the cage should do the trick.

Females in perticular get rebellious and can start to growl and even nip at you sometimes.At this point most people think that they got a mean rabbit and they do not want it anymore.But all the rabbit need really is to be spayed or neutered.After being altered the rabbit will calm down considerably. This should be done at a young age, at about 5 to 6 months so you and your rabbit dont have time to get frustrated with each other.

Your rabbit might be sick

OK.So if you have an older rabbit that already has been fixed and suddenly display a nasty behavior,this could be a sign of illness.If he is acting out weird,your rabbit might simply be in pain.

See if he is eating and using his litter box normally and pay attention to anything different in his regular habits for a few days. If you see something unusual talk to your vet.Even a minor problem such as fleas or mites may upset a rabbit and cause him to act out.

In the mean time, try not to upset him more by wanting to pick him up and just leave him alone.If he has spend a lot of time in his cage lately, let him out as much as possible to allow him to exercise and play.

Your rabbit might be under a lot of stress

Look around your house and try to see what may be a source of stress to your rabbit.Are they other pets in the house?Barking dogs close by can cause great distress for a little bunny.

Do you have children that are too much around him? Does he have a place of his own to sleep quietly during the day?Bright lights, too much noises, loud music or TV nearby, these are all factors that could cause your rabbit to become aggressive.

If this is the case move the cage to a quiet room or let him have a rabbit proofed room of his own to go to when there is too much going on.


Hopefully this will help if you are asking yourself:why has my rabbit has gone from nice to nasty.To get a lot of free tips and watch great videos, go to my blog at and enjoy learning about your pet rabbit!

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