Thursday, September 22, 2011

How To Catch Rabbit In My House - 3 Great Tricks That Worked

By: Nathalie Veilleux

Photo by Micheal

If you own a pet rabbit and he does not like to get picked up, then you know how difficult it t could be to catch him.He sure knows that you want to bring him back to his cage, just like the last time.Rabbits are highly intelligent, and if they get the taste of having the whole house to themselves, catching them is sometimes tricky.I found 3 trickson how to catch rabbit in my house.They all worked for me with of course a little patience.

Attract the Rabbit Instead of trying to chase the rabbit all over the house, try to attract it with something that you know he cannot resist, such as a fruit or a carrot.Then when he comes over to eat it, let him eat some of the treat and gently pick him up.

Make him jump in his box Some rabbits do not like to be picked up at all.By doing it we can even injured them if they put up a good struggle. So instead, presend the rabbit his litter box with a great treat he loves inside.Sit back and watch. He will eventually jump into his litter box and eat the treat. Then you can pick the box with the rabbit inside and bring him where you want.

Make an easy cage entrance If your cage only has an top opening, it will be harder to teach your rabbit to go back inside by himself. Make him a side door and attract him inside by again putting a great treat into the cage. By putting the cage in a room that you can put a gate on the entrance, your rabbit wont be able to run arond the entire house.

Sometimes people think that putting the rabbit back in his cage as a punishment worked. But that will only teach him to hate his cage, when it should be his house. If you do that he will never want to go back to his cage by himself, so keep that in mind if you find how to catch rabbit in my house difficult, try to practice these tricks at times when he does not have to be in his cage. When you have to leave for work in the morning may not be the best moment.


I hope that you found this information helpful about how to catch rabbit in my house .There is so much more tricks and tips about pet rabbits to learn! Feel free to visit my blog at for a lot of free information and enjoy learning about your pet rabbit!

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