Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lots of White Rabbits Looking for Homes!

Are you looking to adopt a white rabbit!?  At The Rabbit Sanctuary we have some beautiful 'Alice in Wonderland' White Rabbits looking to become part of a loving family. There are big white bunnies and small white ones too.  There are some with dark eyes and some with the traditional pink eyes.  These are known as 'red eyed white' rabbits in the rabbit clubs amongst the registered breeders of purebred rabbits.  In rabbit shows the red eyed whites are very popular and come in a variety of breeds such as mini lops, dwarf lops, netherland dwarfs and lots of other breeds including angora rabbits.  We have rescued some New Zealand white rabbits with pink eyes and they are truly gentle rabbits of a medium to large size.  Other rescue rabbits include smaller dark eyed white and white rabbits with tips of colour on their ears, nose and feet.  Give us a call on 0416 062 947 or email us if you are interested in adopting a white rabbit.

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