Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Field Guide to Rabbits

"The Field Guide to Rabbits" is by no means a comprehensive book on rabbits - what it does do well is profiling the various breeds with full-color pictures that are representative of each breed. The book is divided into chapters that deal with "Bunny Basics", i.e. fur varieties, shapes and sizes, a chapter that focuses on coloring, bunny behavior which is deficient in my opinion as it is not comprehensive, and tips for professionally showing bunnies, as well as a comprehensive chapter on breed profiles. If you're a beginner rabbit owner who is looking for tips on how to handle and care for your bunny, you are better off looking up resources on the internet or other guides. But, if you'd like to see all the different breeds of bunnies then this is quite a nice guide with color pictures of various breeds, displayed in all their furry cuteness!--z hayes

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