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The difference between Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats are two kinds of living things that made a lot of pets / pet / klangenan by humans. The dog is much more formerly maintained by humans, because it is reactive. As with the cat, the cat began to be a lot of pet animals around the last century.

Dogs and cats have extremely different properties, such as earth and sky. More reactive dog, likes to follow where their owners go out and seek the attention of the owner. Up came the notion that dogs are very faithful and loyal to the human owner. Lainhalnya with the cat, the cat seems to have high self-esteem and love to sleep for hours in a chair or the lap of its owner. So that appears presumption and pride for a cat owner, if the cat recognizes himself as the owner / employer. This recognition may be coming when his name was called or even to follow wherever their owners go.

Actually the difference nature of the reactive dog and cat who prefers to sleep, your metabolism is influenced by the system respectively. Dogs are omnivores (eating meat and plants). Dogs can live with just eating the plants only, such as rice, corn, wheat, etc.. therefore dogs have a longer intestine of cats, which allows the process of digestion and absorption of various types of food more perfect. In addition, the amount of food that can be digested even more.

Cats are carnivores / a true meat eater. Cats can not live if they do not consume meat. Intestine is much shorter than the intestine of dogs and can only digest food in small amounts. Therefore, cats tend to prefer sleep to save energy. Approximately 14-18 hours a day used the cat to sleep.

Dogs can use / eat meat and plants but, by nature dog food is the main meat. meaning that dogs can only live off plants, but better still if he had consumed meat.

Many miracles and privileges of cats that make people amazed. Starting from the ability to always land on their feet when falling from a height of up various stories and legends about cats since ancient Egyptian times, medieval to modern times.

The necessary nutrients dogs & cats

There are so many nutrients, the nutrients needed by dogs and cats in order to continue living healthy. Differences digestive system, causing differences in nutrient required by both.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

The human body can not produce enough vtamin C, therefore we need additional vitamin C from fruits or multivitamins. Lainhalnya with Dogs and cats, they can produce their own Vitamin C in the body.

Vitamin A (retinol)

Vitamin A is needed by dogs and cats to keep body cells healthy. Dogs can process carotenoids (vitamin A is not active) derived from plants. Cats do not have some of the enzymes necessary to convert carotenoids into vitamin A active, therefore the cat needs to eat meat in order to get vitamin A derived from active prey such as mice, rabbits, birds etc..

Vitamin B (Niacin)

Neither dogs nor cats can not produce niacin. Dogs have two forms of niacin in the active form and shape of tryptophan. Dogs can change the active tryptophan into niacin. Cats can not change tryptophan into niacin, therefore a cat should get niacin through food.


Arginine is a protein amino acid forming materials. Arginine is required in many metabolic processes.

Cats can not produce arginine and very sensitive to this deficiency. Cats need lots of protein and arginine is needed to help dispose of the remnants of a protein that has been used so as not to accumulate and poison the body.

Dogs are not so sensitive to arginine deficiency in the diet. Dogs have enzymes that can help provide the arginine from the body.


As well as arginine, taurine is an amino acid, taurine difference is not material forming protein. Taurine is spread throughout the body tissues. Necessary to maintain a healthy heart, retina, bile and reproduction.

Cats must consume taurine in active form. Taurine is only found in meat. Dogs can produce its own taurine in their bodies.


Felinine is a chemical that is produced only by a cat. Felinine made of sulfur-containing amino acid called cysteine. Cats are the only living creatures that require large amounts of cysteine ​​to produce felinine.

Until now felinine function in the cat's body has not been clearly established. Allegedly associated with the disposal of the remains of metabolism.

Total Protein In Food

Protein and nutrients contained in food is not everything can be digested and absorbed by the body. Good food is a high percentage of undigested & absorption. Of all the proteins that can be absorbed, about 20% is used for growth and about 12% for basic needs (maintenance).

While the dog only use 12% to 4% growth and for maintenance. In other words, cats require more protein than dog food. Therefore, do not give the dog food in cats, because of inadequate nutritional needs of cats.

Arachidonic Acid (arachidonic acid)

Arachidonic acid are essential fatty acids (can not be produced by the body) are important in the formation of energy and burning fat. Dogs can make this compound by altering compounds linoleic acid (linoleic acid) to arachidonic acid.

Cats can not alter the linoleic acid into arachidonic acid, because it does not have a liver enzyme that is needed. Therefore, arachidonic acid essential for cats but not for dogs.

When Hunger Attack

The burning of body fat in cats is less efficient. Burning large amounts of fat can cause a condition called hepatic lipidosis. Therefore you should never puasakan fat cats, because heightens the risk of death.


Febrifuge adaah Paracetamol is often given to humans and dogs. In contrast, paracetamol can cause death in cats.

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