Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Helpful Instructions For A Healthy Baby Bunny Rabbit

By: Thomas Roberson

Baby bunny rabbit means more tasks for you being a rabbit owner. Preparations are needed before the babies come out and after they delivery. Normally, there are 30 days to wait for. Mama doe acts differently from other animals. That is because they are not fond of staying inside their nest for longer periods. Next to the first round of feeding her milk, she leaves her nest.

The feeding union of a mother rabbit and baby bunny rabbit has only been the time that she has given birth to her young. Equally, this offers an opportunity for predators to come to the nest and harm the litters. As a pet owner, you have to know about the essential rules about baby rabbit care.

To begin with, the nesting box should be prepared as soon as you realize that mama doe is about to deliver her babies. The box should measure 12 by 14 or more inches to ensure that baby bunny rabbit feel comfortable. Then, mama doe should be provided with extra amount of rabbit food like fresh veggies, fruits and pellets ?l of which are indispensable parts of the rabbit's diet.

Though baby rabbits usually group themselves as one, make the room sufficiently warm. Hence, provide a temperature of 70 degrees. Additionally, you will notice when mama rabbit feeds baby bunny rabbit, that is, when you do not hear any sound from the nest. It can happen up to 48 hours right after the delivery. You might as well check them by feeding especially when you no longer hear anything from their nest.

To feed the babies precisely, get an oral syringe found in pet stores. Correctly combine a little formula for baby bunny rabbit. Refrain from using any eye dropper as it sometimes contain bigger hole that can also mean huge amount of milk to be swallowed by the babies. It can be the reason for the rabbit's pneumonia or respiratory blockage when it directly reaches their lungs.

For a better rabbit diet, a formula replacer is ideal for use. After feeding, you have to clean the baby rabbit's body. Also, if you notice some changes in the baby bunny rabbit's urine color, immediately bring it to the vet so that you will know if there is a more serious health dilemma. You should not wait for it to exhibit other symptoms or abnormalities before going to the vet because it maybe to late.

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