Monday, December 20, 2010

Precision Pet Rabbit Multi-Plex Hutch

Make sure your bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other small pets are warm, safe, and dry during unpleasant weather conditions. The weatherproof Precision Pet Rabbit Multi-Plex Hutch is made from solid wood designed to keep the sun and rain out. Using a screwdriver (not included), the hutch assembles easily in 5 simple steps. First, secure the side panels to the front and back panels. The front panel includes a sturdy wire mesh door that latches securely. Then, attach the water-resistant feet that adjust to make the hutch level on uneven terrain. Third, drop in the floor panels. The Rabbit Multi-Plex Hutch is designed to be used with additional Precision Pet Rabbit Multi-Plex Hutches, giving you many configuration options, including adding a ladder to get from one level to another. You can also drop in the included divider panel, which allows your pet a private sleeping area. Next, attach the eave panels. Finally, attach the weatherproof asphalt roof panels and ridge cap. Lower or remove the back door, allowing the pets to enter and exit at will. The Precision Pet Rabbit Multi-Plex Hutch measures 33 x 39 x 29 inches. Shop here

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