Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Rabbit Sanctuary welcomes Haku

Haku which means 'animal warrior' in Maori is settling in nicely at The Rabbit Sanctuary.  He was the beloved rabbit of Raelane who sadly passed away leaving Haku alone.  Raelane had loved Haku as a house rabbit.  She litter trained him, desexed and vaccinated him and spent her days with him.  He is very trusting of people and very affectionate.

Raelan'e daughter Tania was heartbroken to have to surrender him to The Rabbit Sanctuary but due to Queensland's harsh laws about which pets people are allowed to keep she had no choice.  The Queensland Government does not allow its citizens the right to own a rabbit, even Haku who was a link to her mother for Tania. 

Today Haku spent the day in an integration enclosure with two other gorgeous rabbit gals, Glenda and Violet who are vying for his attention!  His happy day came to a close and he was carried back to a comfortable lawn hutch and run for the night.  He will join them again tomorrow. 

The aim is to integrate Haku and Violet into the big rabbit run where the rabbits run free in a 60 meter run with little huts, plumbed water and lots to do.

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