Sunday, November 28, 2010

Milk with lactose is not good for Kitten and Puppy

Identical with the kitten milk. Many beginners who only give milk as a puppy cat food at the newly owned. Milk is nutrient-dense foods are much needed by chicks cat who can not eat solid foods are eaten by the adult cat. But did you know that not all milk can be digested by a cat?

Milk that can not be digested by the cat is lactose-containing milk such as fresh cow's milk or by-products. Lactose is milk sugar which is one of the typical components in milk together with triglycerides (fatty milk) and casein (milk protein). Lactose content of about 4.6% in milk. To digest lactose, the digestive enzyme lactase which must use one of the digestive enzymes produced by cells in the small intestine break down milk sugar duty into a form that is easier to be absorbed into the body. Unfortunately, digestion owned by cats can not produce this enzyme so that does not break down lactose, lactose granules will be left behind in the face of the hole and the small intestine absorbs much of the surrounding water, causing diarrhea. There are times before exiting, he was stuck in the colon and is broken down by bacteria producing gas (CH4, CO2, H2). As a result, the stomach becomes bloated, stomach pain, until diarrhea.

There are some digestive cat who eventually became resistant to lactose. cats do not have diarrhea or abdominal bloating. It is not that good because cats have digestive disorders that are not visible so that its work function decreases. cats can not digest and absorb nutisi with a maximum so that should be given food with higher numbers than expected. As a result, the cat will lose weight and malnutrition.

So, whether the milk should be avoided?

Each type of milk must contain lactose, but there is milk which contains lactose so it can be consumed by a cat. Milk with lactose which can be consumed by the cat is milk containing alpha S1-casein protein is low, derived from animal milk goats. Outside the country, goat milk is being improved and promoted because it does not cause adverse side effects such as cow's milk. In Indonesia it will be more difficult to find goat's milk but not to worry because the manufacturers have set up animal makann lactose-free milk for the cat so that you can give milk to your cat without causing your cat has diarrhea. Unfortunately this product is very expensive because it is imported in small quantities. Another alternative is to give formula to a lactose-free human infant with a more affordable price and more diverse choices. Lactose-free formulas are usually given a code FL (lactose free) on the packaging.

Indeed, the nutrients contained in infant formula does not equal the nutrients needed by puppies cat but at least better than cow's milk contains alpha S1-casein protein are very high that can cause diarrhea.

In addition to milk, lactose content is also widely used in products for human snacks like biscuits, cereals, fast food, cheese, margarine, and so on, so keep in mind if you want to provide snacks for your cat. It's safer if the snacks are made specifically for cats which are produced by a leading pet food manufacturers because although containing milk, laktosanya content has been removed in order for safe consumption by your cat.

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