Monday, November 29, 2010

Hamster Feeding Tips

Hamsters also includes rodents, they will eat food that what they see - what other sweet things without thinking again. These mammals do not think what the food is harmful or not for them. If you give what foods they eat, they can become fat, and often can make them sick. You must pay attention to their instinct to hide their food in the nest. There are some food in their bin that has become rotten and could cause it to become caretaker masalah.Karena good you also need to be a nutrition expert they are good for your hamster.

Hamsters love sunflower seeds like other rodents. Sometimes the seed is often stated as the main nutrient source but that's not true. In the wild environment, seeds, sun is the source of important nutrients and can understand them going crazy about this sun seed. But for hamsters, sun seed is the food is too greasy to eat every day. If you feed seeds sun in your hamster cage, this will make you fast fat hamster. Obesity is also not good for hamsters. You should give seed sun as a reward / treat. Maximum daily limit is between 3 to 5 seeds. This method can also help you tame or good friends with the hamsters quickly. By feeding the sun seeds by hand, your hamster will recognize you as a good keeper.

In addition to beans or peas, you can feed your hamster with vegetables such as cabbage and other vegetables. They love it. Vegetables do not make them fat. You do not need to buy vegetables only for hamsters because they do not eat much. You can leave a little at the time of providing meals for your family. For example when you make a cabbage salad, cabbage center you can give to your hamster. Oh, yes some sources say that lettuce (lettuce) to endanger the health of hamsters. We are less sure about that but you can avoid. You should pay attention to your hamster will save makananya instinct in the nest. They keep everything in their nest, but they do not sort out / clean up, they also do not realize the vegetables have been damaged / decayed rapidly. So keep cleaning your hamster cage, get rid of old vegetables kept on a regular basis. Atar moldy rotten vegetables that will harm your hamster.

Vegetables strong herb such as garlic, onion or celery leaves can be toxic to a small hamster. While the vegetables are good for humans, leaves a strong sense to endanger the health of hamsters. Avoid celery, garlic, onion. Hamsters eat anything without strings attached, only you can protect it from food poisoning. You also have to realize that pack a salad mix sold in supermarkets. Sometimes mixed salad packs may contain vegetables. You should feed the hamster from his own vegetables. Other stimulants such as chocolate can also endanger the health of hamsters. Keep your children not to give food snacks / snack them to the hamster. Because the hamster you can end up with tragic results.

Rodents teeth never stop growing. Therefore they have to bite something hard continuously. For this reason you must give them something for their bite. Vegetables too soft for this, you can give a hard pellet or a piece of wood. Eating formulations suitable for this purpose, please check the pet shops around you. Usually designed hamster food as hard as possible to cut their teeth. Also serve the same piece of wood in an effort to dental care, but also works as a hamster food supplements and more can be enjoyed by hamsters. Sometimes the food is not formulated in accordance with the hamster taste, then do not buy too much. Buy a little first and see if the hamster likes it or not.

Hamsters also like fruit. You can feed such as berries or a piece of apple into hamsters, they must be thrilled. The basic rule is mild fruit suitable for babies is also good for hamsters. The fruits also like rotten vegetables can be quick, you have to remember that. If the fruits have become rotten or moldy, rotten fruit that can be harmful not only for the hamster but also keepers. If the hamster has left the fruit that you provided, you must remove and discard the rest of his cage. Do not let the rest rot in the cage.

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