Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Which Type Of Litter Is Best For Your Rabbit?

By: Ken Williams

It is very important to provide your rabbit with litter, everyone knows that, but many people do not know that it is also very important as to what kind of litter you supply for your bunny rabbit. There are several different types of litter that can be used, but there is only one type that is best suited for him.

The first type of litter is clay based cat litter. Clay based litter can be potentially harmful to your bunny. Not only does the dust from the kitty litter irritate your rabbit’s respiratory tract but it can also kill your rabbit if eaten by causing an intestinal impaction. So please, please, please do not use cat litter. Just because you may use a cat litter box for your rabbit doesn’t mean you have to stock it with cat litter as well.

The second type of litter is cedar and pine beddings. This type of litter must also be avoided at all costs. Cedar and pine beddings can potentially damage your rabbit’s liver.

The third type of litter is corn cob bedding. There are two factors that make corncob bedding not an ideal litter for your rabbit. The first problem is that it’s not very absorbent. The second and more serious problem is that it can cause intestinal blockage if eaten by your rabbit, which can lead to some very serious problems and could even be fatal to your little fur ball of joy. So if you have corn cob bedding for rabbit litter on your shopping list go ahead and scratch it off now.

The fourth type of litter is newspapers. Although newspapers will not put your rabbit in any kind of danger and are absorbent they do not control the odor that I’m absolutely positive your little furry friend will put out. The truth is that rabbit urine is very strong smelling so it’s important to use something that’s absorbent and also controls odor. If you want to use newspapers you can add a layer of hay on top to help absorb and control the odor.

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