Friday, October 1, 2010

A question for The Rabbit Sanctuary!

Today we received an interesting question from Robert who is considering surrendering her rabbit to the Rabbit Sanctuary.  Here is the question and my answer:

Robert's question:

Dear Kim
 What has driven you to create this sanctuary ? and what would a rabbits day look like in your care?

Kim's Answer:

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your questions.  I will try to answer...

My husband and I set up and run the sanctuary on our rural bush property.  We are in semi retirement and wanted to do something for rabbits because we love them and because there is so little help for them.  We began by helping one rabbit which led to two etc. and we saw this huge need for a sanctuary to help people like you who are desperate to find their rabbit a safe loving and comfortable environment when they can no longer care for them.  The reasons that people can no longer care for their rabbit are many and varied.

We have many long term or life long rabbit residents in the sanctuary.  Some people don't want their rabbits rehomed and so they live their lives in the sanctuary.

We have a very good rehoming rate too.  We only let rabbits go to new homes if they are very good homes with the right equipment and care plan.

Rehomed rabbits are always welcome back and we stress that to those that adopt them.  That way the rabbit is assured of ongoing care.

A rabbit's day in the sanctuary consists of:

Crack of dawn running and playing
Breakfast of pellets
Water change
Watching people put rocks into freshly dug or too deep rabbit holes
Morning tea treat of carrot or other treat such as 1/4 slice of bread each or a couple of salted peanuts or sultanas each etc.
Afternoon tea of fresh hay
Evening top up of waters and pellets
Dusk running and playing on into the night if the moon is out!

All male rabbits are kept in lawn hutches until desexed at which time they go into the big rabbit run with females and desexed males.

New rabbits are in quarantine hutches on our back verandah until they are vaccinated and it takes effect.

Our local vet sees the sanctuary rabbits at no cost and is available 7 days a week and nights, so vet care is always available for sanctuary rabbits.

I hope that answers your questions:)

Kim Cooney
The Rabbit Sanctuary
Where time never runs out for rabbits...
phone: 0416 062 947

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