Wednesday, October 20, 2010

House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live With an Urban Rabbit

THE HOUSE RABBIT HANDBOOK is an essential guide for anyone who has a rabbit as a house pet. The book contains information regarding rabbit behavior in a home that is very accurate; at least it seems accurate when I look at the behavior of my two rabbits. The author believes that rabbits can have just as much personality as a dog or a cat and assumes that people who keep rabbits as pets wish to interact with them. So if your goal is to keep a rabbit in a cage in the backyard, this book will not be all that helpful. If on the other hand you want a unique pet that is curious, capable of being entertaining, a bit on the mischievous side, and yes, even loving, this book will he of great help.

The book contains all the basic information about rabbit care in a home setting. Care, feeding, grooming, attending to health needs, and the like are covered. There are also suggestions about rabbit-proofing a home and the pros and cons of allowing rabbits to roam freely around the house.

For me, the most helpful section of the book dealt with introducing a new rabbit my first rabbit. I assumed that since he was so friendly, a new friend would be perfect. I was wrong. He was a terror and wanted nothing to do with his new playmate. Now one is lost without the other. The suggestions of this book really worked.

While the information in the book is based on sound veterinary advice, the reader quickly realizes that the author relies heavily on personal experience as well. The techniques she espouses flow from her experience. Ideally, people will want to read this book prior to getting a rabbit, especially since it contains valuable information about preparing for the rabbit to come home. However, if you, like me find yourself in a crisis situation with a rabbit and need to find a book with answers, this book will be a godsend.

Just one piece of advice. Don't leave the book on the floor by mistake. I am noticing a few little nibbles on the binding. Though I am a voracious reader, I do not think that the nibbles are the way I devour my books. Buy it now

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