Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tips On How To Choose An Ideal Indoor Rabbit Cage

By: Mel Ena NurDanish

Can you describe the feeling when you see a rabbit? Do you want to have the rabbit as your pet? Is this what you think? Most of us find this animal very – very cute regardless you are a boy or girl, big or small, kid or/and adult.

If you are certain that you want to get a pet rabbit, or you have already had one, things that you’re thinking are where to keep them. Indoor or outdoor? There are good and bad on keeping them either indoor or outdoor.

If you keeping them outdoor, first thing you must ensure that your lawn is save from all predator. Rabbit are easily disturb and frightened by dogs and also cats. You have to provide them with a place for them to hide in the hutch. And also this place would serve as a warm place when it’s rain or when it is cold. Provide enough space for them in the hutch and clean it regularly. Not to forget to provide a litter tray a one corner for them to do their business.
In the other hand, if you tend to keep them indoor, you can be sure that rabbit is also a clean animal. They also can be litter train easily. But you must provide them a place of their own in the house so not to keep them hopping freely all the time in the house. They tend chew everything in the house including electrical cord that can be dangerous to the rabbit and also to the human. There are cases where houses burned down by this.

Fortunately, there are a lot of indoor rabbit cages to choose from with different design and character. Only thing that make it hard for us is, there are too many of them.
To help you choose an ideal indoor rabbit cage for your rabbit, I’ve listed the basic character that need to be considered before getting one.

1) SizeOften, we got question on what is an ideal size for our pet bunny to fit in the indoor cages. Usually, the manufacturer will give you the idea/information, but often, they are too small for our rabbit.
The basic idea is to have your cage at 5 times the size of your pet rabbit or about 100cm/1kg for small rabbit. It is advisable to buy the biggest size possible, so your rabbit has enough space to roam around.

2) HeightThe minimum height for an Indoor Rabbit Cage would be about 40cm but this should serve only as a guide. You need to check, whenever your rabbit sit up straight, the ears would not touch the top. This would help you on making decision. If you are in any doubt, go for taller cage.

3) Floor/BaseTry avoiding wired bottoms. This would irritate rabbit and can cause injury. The base of Indoor Rabbit Cage should be solid. If you already bought a wired bottom indoor rabbit cage, place something on the bottom like a towel, grass matt or several pieces of newspaper for your pet rabbit safety.(Most of the Indoor Rabbit Cage are usually wired bottom, so you need to place something at the bottom with something that is easy to wash or replaceable)

4) Cage DoorFor rabbit easy access in and out, the cage door should be large. It is best / beneficial if your cage door also serves as a ramp all together but again avoid from wired ramp. You could cover it with something solid if you have no other choices (Same as what we covered in Floor/Base above.

5) Litter BoxA rabbit can be trained to go to bathroom and a litter box will enable this. Rabbit are clean pets and you should provide a litter box in and out of the cage.
And last but not least, consider this, even with the biggest Indoor Rabbit Cage, you should let your rabbit out roaming and hopping around to make the rabbit comfortable with you and the surrounding. This would give them much needed exercise and would give you full enjoyment of owning and loving your wonderful bunny.

All this would give you an idea of a suitable Indoor Rabbit Cage for your pet rabbit. I wish you good luck and take good care of your bunny.

Mel Ena NurDanish - About the Author:
Often, when we need to find an ideal indoor rabbit cage for our pet rabbit, we tend be stuck with a lot of choices. Mel Ena Nurdanish, the author, has written this tips to help you make your decision. To make your life easier, he had form a website dedicated to give reviews and comments about indoor rabbit cage. Visit the website at

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