Saturday, April 10, 2010

How To Select The Right Rabbit For You

By: Grahan Williams

Want an inexpensive pet which is adorable, cuddly and wouldn't grow from a adorable little ball of fur to a One hundred pound beast? Therefore consider a rabbit!
Take a look at a few reasons why you should think about a rabbit for a pet.

1) Many choices
There is Forty five different breeds of rabbits recognized through the U.S. Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).
Would you like a small rabbit? Think about a Netherland Dwarf, Polish or Jersey Wooly.
Do you need a big rabbit? Then choose a Flemish Giant that can weigh up to Twenty pounds.
Do you think you're attracted to the "lop" eared rabbits? The Holland Lop can be a preferred choice on account of it's smaller size, nevertheless you can also choose from a Mini Lop, French Lop, American Fuzzy Lop or an English Lop. An English Lop's ears can be up to 24 inches long.
Are you picky about color? Rabbits come in several colors. You'll be able to certainly find one or more colors that could appeal to your tastes!
Are you interested in a rabbit with lots of fur? Subsequently choose one of the Angora breeds, or a Jersey Wooly. But be prepared to spend more time grooming the rabbit!
Thus the choices are endless, and for many of us, the choices are hard. Like the potato chip commercial says, "You can't pick out just one"!

2) Rabbits are quiet
It's certain: You will never have neighbors calling you to quiet down your rabbit. It just does not come to pass.

3) Rabbits could live indoors or outdoors
Obviously, one can find rabbits that live in the wild, but they can adjust to living inside as well.
Those that keep rabbits outside, you need to ensure they have satisfactory shelter and are well-protected from predators. These include the neighborhood dogs and cats which could wander through your garden.
They must be protected from the elements and still have ample ventilation. The moment hot weather comes, you need to take special measures to keep your rabbit safe because warm weather bothers them a lot more than cold weather.

Most people keep their rabbits inside, and that's fine also. If you keep your rabbit inside, you can expect to need to spend some time preparing your home for your new friend.
Be sure to keep electrical cables away from your rabbit. Rabbits like to chew, and those wires are tempting...and lethal.

Rabbits can be litter box trained, and also are extremely clean pets. As a result feel free to keep them indoors if this is what you want to do.
4) Rabbits are enjoyable to have around
Simply watching them play in their cages is great fun, but let them out, hold them and pet them, and you will definitely be hooked!
5) Rabbits are really adorable
Have you ever seen an ugly rabbit?
With rabbits, the babies are incredibly cute and adorable, and they stay cute and adorable when they grow up. Now I like dogs, but so many of them are cute as puppies, then grow into huge ugly dogs. This doesn't happen with rabbits. They'll stay adorable their entire life.
6) They can be inexpesive to keep
Rabbits are a low cost pet. Shots at the vet's are unnecessary and you can easily take care of your rabbit yourself. If you care for your rabbit the right way, there will be no need to go to a vet's at all.
Consequently, pick out a rabbit for your very own to take home and love today!

Once you have your pet Rabbit you need to keep it healthy and happy!
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