Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Making Room In Your House For Your Bunny

If you currently have pet rabbits, or are considering getting a rabbit, or rabbits, you should give some serious thought to bunny housing. Chances are that the home your bunny lived in before coming to your house was not really big enough. You want to give your rabbits the best, and that includes good housing.

The more space your rabbit has, the better. If you have dwarf rabbits, don’t be fooled by the cages at the pet stores saying they are for “guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits.” Dwarf rabbits are very active and need a lot of room to move and jump and play and run.

Rabbits need a lot of stuff, and that stuff takes room. Your bunny will need a full-size litter box, and if you have two rabbits, you might need two litter boxes. You’ll need a hay box, a food bowl, and a water bowl or (preferably) water bottle. And that’s just for nutrition and personal hygiene! Your rabbit needs “stuff” to play with. You can find all kinds of cool toys for rabbits online or at your local pet store.

You might consider a largish dog crate as a bunny home, and you could build in “stories” so your friend can have some vertical space to move around. In fact, these crates make excellent indoor hutches for bunnies. You can also find large rabbit cages, but they’re often every expensive. A better solution may be building your own cage.

If you’d like to build your own rabbit cage, you can use the wire-grid organizing cubes you find in the housewares departments of stores like Target and Costco. These cubes are usually called “Neat Idea Cubes”, because they’re for keeping stuff neat (not our name, but kind of clever). You can find cage ideas by searching online for “Neat Idea Cube crates” and similar terms. You can build some really cool cages for rabbits and other small animals using these cool cubes and some cable ties.

If you’re going to have rabbits, and they’re not going to have the run of your home (which they’re probably not), then the best thing you can do for them is give them plenty of room to roam when they’re in their “room.” Like any living being, rabbits want freedom to move and play and stretch out. Give them that, and they’ll be healthier and happier, and you’ll have more fun owning rabbits.

By Gail Paterson
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