Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thinking About Getting A Pet Rabbit?

Living With Pet Rabbits

I want to tell you our story about how we came to have two pet rabbits in the family.I really love animals but I am allergic to cats and dogs.My 5 year old daughter was talking about getting a pet for quite a while so I taught about a pet rabbit.I knew I had no allergy to this kind of fur for testing it with somebody else rabbit.

I did not do much research on rabbits before adopting the first one,unfortunately.If I had I would have adopted a rabbit from the animal shelter instead.We found a private homebased breeder and we adopted a one month old female netherland dwarf rabbit.

She was very cute and cuddly and my daughter enjoyed her very much as a baby rabbit.She used the litter box right away and was easy to handle.

By the age of three months old she had doubled in size already.Rabbits love to explore and run.We let her roam free in the house most of the time except at night time, I put her in her cage.Rabbits are lovely companions.They follow you in the house,sit on your lap and love to be stroke.

But they also get into stuff and they need to have toys to chew on otherwise they will chey your property.I realised that when she went behind the television and chew on a bunch of wires.So you must protect every wire in the house behind furnitures so the rabbit cannot reach them.

I found a great way to have my daughter put her stuff away.The rabbit loves to chew on barbie dolls, pencils and coloring books.So needless to say I dont have to tell her anymore.

So here is the typical day for our house rabbit: eating in the morning, sleep all day, eat again,going outside on the patio for a run and some binky jumps,and play in the house in the evening, doing more binky dances.

I had to have her fixed at the age of 5 months old because she was in heat and was doing circles around us constentely.She was also marking her territory all over the house. Rabbits do that to let know other rabbits that they are ready to mate.After the visit at the vet, she went back to her litter box very quickly and that behavior stopped.

Your rabbit is in danger outside. I let my rabbit out on a gated patio but cats, dogs and large crows came out of nowhere and have been watching her very closely.I cannot live her outside by herself.

We adopted a second rabbit because she seemed very lonely and bored.I went to a shelter and got a 2 year old male holland lop the same color than her.He is a very sweet rabbit, never chewed anything in the house and uses his litter box.I had him fixed too and they get along very well.They are like a young couple in love, always together and grooming each other.

Rabbits are so much fun to watch at play, are very quiet and social animals.They require as much time than a cat or a dog but are very worth it.My rabbits are living the good life enjoying the same privileges than house cats.Most people do not belive it when I tell them that.I am glad I adopted them I and I hope you do the same.

Rabbits are so misunderstood animals,go ahead and browse throught the books that I found.I am glad I ordered them,I learned a lot of things and now I know that if people leave their rabbit in shelters is because they dont have enough knowledge.

Good luck with yours!

See the pictures to the right...

Nathalie Veilleux


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