Saturday, August 1, 2009

Unique Easy - Care Ribbit Home

My kids really liked this rabbit home because they said it actually was like a house: the bunny has a BEDROOM (bottom level), BATHROOM (pullout litter pan) and a KITCHEN (top level where food and water goes and stays clean). I really like this cage because:
1) It is THE EASIEST CAGE FOR CLEANING UP after a rabbit--just pull the litter box out of the front of the cage bottom to empty it without even opening the cage! The high sides around the litter box keep the litter from coming out of the cage. The cage comes apart easily and the individual pieces are lightweight and easy to rinse off.
2) This cage only TAKES UP ONLY A LITTLE FLOOR SPACE but gives the bunny the MOST POSSIBLE ROOM. The design of the litter box conserves space, the bed or burrow area below is roomy enough for him to really stretch out when he sleeps. The height of the top level is tall enought for him to really stand up on his hind legs and stretch up.
3) By using the natural instincts of the rabbit, THE UNIQUE DESIGN OF THIS CAGE MAKES IT EASY TO LITTER TRAIN A RABBIT. For example, I put a two-year-old rabbit with no prior litter box experience (she had always been kept in a cage with wire bottom) in this cage and she immediately knew just where to do her business. The uses of the different areas seem to automatically make sense to them using their instincts. I've since trained two male rabbits, one a baby, in this cage just as quickly.
4) If you have very small children, the lower level gives the rabbit some protection from being poked by the kids, but they can still see him through all the ventilation slots.--Gail Wright Lee "Galilee Mezzo" See more.

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