Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rabbits In Thailand

Rabbits are incresingly popular pets within Thailand. There are many kind of rabbits. They pet rabbits as a hobby. Thai people don't eat rabbit. OH! Luckily me. Now I'd like to introduce some of my friends to you.

Rabbit appears in Thailand a long time ago. Most of them are short hair and a little long face.

The Holland Lop rabbit is known as an excellent breeder. It is characterized for having a bulky, stocky and a muscular body. The shoulders and chest should be broad and well filled, same as the hindquarters. The head being massive in appearance setting high on the shoulders and close to the shoulders showing no neck. The legs are to be short, thick, straight, and heavily boned for the size of the animal. Ears are to be bell-shaped and short, no longer than 1 inch below the chin.

The Netherland Dwarf rabbits were developed in Europe and are thought to be based on the British Polish breeds. It is suggested that these early dwarf rabbits were seen in Holland, which is where they got the name "Netherland" dwarf rabbits. The main feature of Netherland Dwarf rabbits is their small size. - weighing only 2 to 2 1/2 lbs. They are very compact, with short little ears that stand straight up. Their fur is short, dense, soft, and glossy.

Jerry Woody looks close to Teddy but it has shorter hair on its face. When it is a full maturity, the body is bigger.

Woody Toy look almost alike Teddy Bear because it was developed from Teddy to make it smaller. Woody Toy has short triangle ear.

And me...Teddy Bear. I'm non-peddegree rabbit because I am a mixture between Thai rabbit and Jerry Woody. My body is nearly round. I have a fluffy hair and short ear.

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